Bastides Salaisons

Bastides Salaisons

Exceptional flavour

Our sausages are made with 100% pork shoulder, the finest meat from the animal. These delights from our terroir, or land, never fail to deliver exceptional flavour, thanks to our diligence in terms of meat quality and traditional production methods such as removing the bones from the pork shoulders on site and preparing the meat no longer than five days after slaughter. Our traditional methods include using a mincer, stuffing the sausages by hand into natural casings, trussing the sausages, brushing the sausages by hand and mildly fermenting the sausages. We favour using natural spices, free from synthetic ingredients. Long maturing and drying times are vital for developing aromas. It is this precious savoir-faire from the people at Bastides Salaisons which takes our customers on a veritable sensory journey.


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