Les Freres Marchand

Les Freres Marchand

Les Freres Marchand is a famous cheesemonger company since 1849, specialized in maturing cheeses from France & Europe. Managed by 3 brothers, they are the 6th generation of this french family business, known worldwide for the quality of its cheese origins.

Les Freres Marchand is a family business of 3 brothers from Nancy, in Eastern France. Philippe, Patrice & Eric represent the 6th generation of a cheese business that started in 1849 when their great-great-grandmother settled her first stand on the newly built city market. She was selling the products of local farms (50 km around Nancy). Today, Les Freres Marchand have several cheese shops in France and export worldwide their selection of more than 300 matured cheeses. Thanks to the know-how passed on from generation to generation, Les Freres Marchand has become a reference in aging and ripening cheeses, offering the perfect maturity of selected cheeses from France, Switzerland, Holland, Germany & Italy. Each cheese comes from one of the 200 producers that Philippe, Patrice & Eric know closely, meeting them at least twice a year !

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