Expertise in the service of taste and nature

The ARIAKE signature guarantees tasty, ready-to-use products made of natural ingredients thanks to the extraction technique that allows us to reproduce, on a large scale, the gesture of the cook.

Our expertise:

50 years of research in the field of sensory analysis, soft extraction, the preservation of nutrients and undenatured drying.

The technique of the extraction: it is the water cooking of the raw ingredients (meat, bones, fish trimmings, crustaceans, vegetables) for obtaining the 1st fat bouillon, which then will be skimmed, reduced even cooked until we obtain the concentration and the form that we look for (liquid, paste, powder….)

100 % authentic : starting directly with the raw ingredient, the extraction (cooking in the water) allows us to produce completely natural culinary preparations and guarantee the traceability and the food security.

Tasty and easy to use: our cooks play an essential role in the realization of our recipes and the practicality of our products.

The alliance of culinary excellence and Japanese know-how (2001 – 2015)

In 2001, Joël Robuchon and ARIAKE united their talents in a common objective : to provide the recipes that are natural and tasty at the same time. This collaboration took many forms : creation and improvement of the recipes, setting up the tasting panels, training as the chefs (chefs-maison), counsel on culinary guidance… In 2006, after 5 years of fruitful collaboration in Japan, Joël Robuchon convinced the ARIAKE group to set up in Europe. The ARIAKE products « made in Europe » then arrived on the European market … At the end of 2015, after 14 years of fertile collaboration, the Joël Robuchon – Ariake partnership ended

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