Sturia is the flagship brand of Sturgeon – the leading French caviar producer. The company was set up near Bordeaux 30 years ago and has pioneered sturgeon farming in France. Located in the Historic Cradle of French Caviar. Sturgeon has 9 different sturgeon farming and caviar production sites: The Guyenne fish hatchery – the largest fish hatchery in Europe – 6 aquafarms, and a caviar production plant. Sturgeon is thus promoting French gastronomy’s international influence.



The Sturia caviar range offers a wide variety of sensations and the fresh, natural flavour of a remarkable product. A tin of caviar on a bed of ice is all you need – Sturia caviar can be eaten on its own. You'll love caviar’s roll-in-the-mouth eggs when you taste it in small spoonful.

Used in cuisine, caviar enhances the dishes with the subtle iodine hints that have made its name with the greatest chefs.



From fishing to filling, Sturia caviar is meticulously selected grain by grain and tasted at every stage of the production process. During caviar production, we sort grains according to extremely precise size, colour, firmness, and organoleptic quality criteria. This method enables us to create uniform batches of outstanding quality.



The Sturgeon fish farms, fed by naturally healthy springs and rivers in Gironde and Charente maritime, offer ideal ponds for sturgeon, which find large spaces to develop, feed, and evolve serenely. Respect for the ecological balance is at the heart of our concerns, with particular attention to water and the well-being of fish to offer you an irreproachable and natural product.

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